Wishlist’s Guide to Fort Collins Breweries

Our vendors are valued partners, and their participation allows Wishlist to offer fun, new, and exciting experiences all over the state. Visiting our partners and taking part in Wishlist experiences ourselves is a great way to connect with our partners, customers, and clients. Continue reading for Wishlist’s guide to Fort Collins breweries that can be found on our Urban Living Wishlist.

We recently visited Fort Collins Brewery and Pateros Creek Brewery. Both are located in Fort Collins, a mecca of beer, which is an easy day trip from Boulder or Denver. We started off the afternoon at FCB, where we were greeted by our friendly tour guide, Kelly. We received a menu with four beer descriptions, and each person chose a pint to accompany them on a VIP tour of the FCB facility. I chose the Chocolate Stout, and though I am not normally a fan of dark beer, I must say this brew was delicious. I guess I will try anything with ‘chocolate’ in the name.

Wishlist Co-Founder Andreas Deptolla with Kelly of Fort Collins Brewery
Wishlist Co-Founder Andreas Deptolla with Kelly of Fort Collins Brewery

Moving on! Over the next 30 minutes or so, Kelly showed us the ingredients which go into crafting their exquisite beer and how they are stored, he explained the brewing process, and pointed out the functions of the various machines. We even got to climb up and peer in!

A behind the scenes shot of a Allison at Fort Collins Brewery
A behind the scenes shot of a Allison at Fort Collins Brewery

The final stop on our tour was the bottling area, where Kelly showed us how the bottles are moved, filled, and labeled. The FCB labels are works of art in their own right.

A sweet collection of Colorado beer
A selection of Fort Collins brews

After the tour, Kelly led us to our table at Gravity 1020. Soon after, we each received a flight of beer. Each flight included four tasters of their top beers, so we could each try them all; however, the best was yet to come. Along with our beer flights, we received a plate with four different kinds of tapas from their menu, including: a mozzarella flatbread, a pulled pork slider, shrimp and grits, and a bacon-wrapped pretzel atop some sweet mustard. I don’t know about you, but I find that anything with ‘bacon-wrapped’ in the name cannot be disappointing. Each item was paired with a particular beer, so as to enhance the flavor of each. After years of actively participating in wine and food pairing, I had no idea beer could work the same way.

A sample of food from a Colorado brewery
A brew tapas pairing at Fort Collins Brewery

We left Fort Collins Brewery happy, full, and with FCB pint glasses to pop in the freezer for a cold brew at home.

It was about 3pm by this time, and we were just getting started. Wishlist has another Fort Collins brewery partner awaiting our arrival, Pateros Creek Brewery. Located in the historic Old Town of Fort Collins, the Pateros Creek Brewery and tasting room has the true feel of a microbrewery. This father and son team pair up to make some delicious and creative brews.

Co-Founder Andreas Deptolla at Pateros Creek
Co-Founder Andreas Deptolla at Pateros Creek

Brewer Steve so kindly showed us where they create their various brews and explained the brewing process.  We sat at the bar and enjoyed a flight of top favorites, chatting with Steve and the staff. Pateros Creek has an old-fashioned saloon feel to it; a place where you see old friends and meet new ones.

PCB brews five favorites all year (Cache la Porter, Stimulator Pale AleOld Town AleCar 21, and Rustic Red), known as the Legends. They also make seasonal brews and one-offs called Renegades. In addition, each Thursday they have a one-off keg, The Outlaw, which you should come early for, because when it’s empty – it’s gone! Pateros Creek also hosts regular events like open mic nights and comedy shows.

FCB and Pateros Creek each had something special that we took away from the experience. FCB showed us how amazing food tastes even more amazing when paired with their beer, and Pateros Creek was a true micro brewery where you can feel the love in each delicious pint.

Enjoy some of the best colorado breweries as part of the Urban Living Wishlist and share your Wishlist experiences with us below, or by commenting on our Facebook or connecting with us on Twitter!

      Post by Allison Deptolla

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