Wishlist Rewards | Wishlist on a Corporate Scale

Wishlist Rewards makes it possible for companies to offer personalized rewards to every employee. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a price point per employee or for the whole company. Wishlist Rewards works at any size and any budget.
  2. Employees can select from hundreds of experience offerings ranging from rafting trips, to spa days, mountain getaways and everything in between.
  3. For an even more personalized experience, Wishlist Rewards provides you with landing page customized with your companies logo and unique messaging.

Use Wishlist Rewards to give automated gifts for anniversaries, one-off gifts for notable accomplishments, client gifts or any other occasion you see fit. We provide an on-demand service so that meaningful recognition is simplified.


To learn more about how rewarding employees the right way can make for better business, visit our corporate blog here. The Wishlist Rewards blog features tons of information about starting and maintaining a smart rewards and recognition program.


Below are a handful of companies who are using Wishlist as their preferred rewards partner:


Wishlist Rewards | Wishlist on a Corporate Scale

If you’re interested in joining forces with Wishlist Rewards visit our homepage here, or email hello@wishlistrewards.com.

Give meaningful gifts to every employee, with Wishlist Rewards.

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