Why Belly Dancing is Your Ticket to Happiness

The time of year is approaching swiftly, when as a collective group we manage to come up with a never-ending litany of excuses as to why we simply cannot continue with our New Year’s Resolution. Being out of shape is in, you tell yourself, as you eat a gallon of ice cream and being unorganized makes life more exciting. Can you imagine, though, not giving up on a New Year’s Resolution about half way through the year? If you are struggling to picture what it would look like to stand triumphant at the end of 2013 with a six pack and a filing system for your receipts, you are not the only one. Success, though, is not only the ultimate revenge, but also an essential element to happiness.

Success not only comes in terms of work, or finances, or even figure, it comes in the form of completion of goals and the creation of friendships. All of which can be found through trying new things, meeting new people, and finding success in your own goals. Perhaps you are pausing now and making a cursory glance towards the title of this post, Belly Dancing, you may ask, how does that fit in to anything? It’s simple.

Belly Dancing is basically a fun guise for a rigorous work out.

Photo courtesy of Sadie Bellydance

This ancient form of dance will not only get your heart rate up to cardio and fat burning zones — you’ll also look like Shakira while you’re moving those hips from side-to-side. Belly dancing can help with nearly every aspect of your body’s health from building stronger bones, thanks to its qualifier as a weight bearing exercise (the kind of exercise that helps prevent Osetoporosis) to building coordination and even intelligence, by working both the left and right hemispheres of the brain together and building neuro pathways that increase memory and learning ability. Here’s the kicker though, Belly Dancing can actually boost your immunity. Yep, that’s right. Any exercise, including Belly Dancing, has been shown to be the primary way of moving lymphatic fluid through your body, promoting better health and thus a healthy immune system. While having strong bones and a fierce immune system is pretty sweet, and an in synch brain even sweeter, you may find the best benefit are the friendships you find in the hidden world of Belly Dancing. You will learn how to move that belly alongside people just like you, people who are eager to try new things, get their body moving and maybe some who just like to dance.

In Colorado, you can learn this ancient dance from respected international performer, choreographer and teacher Sadie Bellydance.  If your New Year’s resolution was to try new things or get fit, or even if it wasn’t, belly dancing could be a way to knock a unique experience off your bucket list.

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