When In Boulder do as the Boulderites Do

Perhaps you’ve heard of Boulder before, the city wedge somewhere between reality and the mountains, the one that when cresting the hill of highway 36 rises out of the earth like a phoenix from ash. In this town lie historic buildings, a vast campus and a gaggle of activities for the average wanderer. Alas, though, you are not average, so for you Wishlist has compiled a list of some of Boulder’s best-kept secrets.

Photo Courtesy of Downtown Boulder
The Pearl Street Mall-  Photo Courtesy of Downtown Boulder
The Flatirons- photo credit to Melissa Guba

The first on the list has to be the Celestial Seasonings Tour. This complimentary tour will take you through the factory of one of the largest tea manufacturers in the Nation. This Boulder-bred company will even let you sample a variety of teas, and give you the chance to win some prizes.

If tea isn’t your drink of choice, no need to despair. While Boulder may be home to Celestial Seasonings, the city is buzzing with coffee. With new independent coffee shops popping up on nearly every corner, you can have your go at coffee hopping and tasting and even learn a thing or two along the way.

If, though, you are truly interested in doing as the Boulderites do, you should pay a visit to The Flatirons or Boulder Canyon. Both play host to some world-class climbing and hiking and have incomparable views. The Flatirons overlook the city of boulder and offer a medley of hikes for the beginner all the way to the advanced hiker. The Royal Arch Trail is roughly three miles round trip and is a challenging hike through some of Colorado’s most scenic landscapes.

After getting your muscles moving your body will most likely be begging you for some peace and rest, and in Boulder you can offer it just that. Treat yourself to a Soothing Hot Stone Massage, or for the more daring you may even try a Deep Tissue Massage  at Barris Laser & Skin Care to help restore and lengthen your muscles.

With all these activities under your belt, end your Boulder adventures with a simple afternoon. Enjoy your day sampling some of the City’s best restaurants and independent shops, both of which can be found on the famous Pearl Street Mall. The Mall is always busy with activity and has a lot to offer, from street performers, to art fairs and more. If Boulder sounds like your dream experience, get planning today.


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