Vendor Spotlight: Sanctuary Spa

Wishlist is only as good as the experiences we offer, and we’re very fortunate to partner with great vendors across the country. In an effort to recognize the hardworking people who make all of your experiences phenomenal, we started a series called “vendor spotlight.” In this series, we get to sit down with a variety of dedicated owners, employees, and professionals to hear a bit more about their company and their partnership with Wishlist. This week we’re excited to sit down with Ashley Kay of Sanctuary Spa in Fort Collins. Ashley is the owner of Sanctuary and offered some wonderful insight into why she started the spa, what makes Sanctuary so special, and details about her partnership with Wishlist. Take a look at what she said:



What made you decide to open Sanctuary Spa, and how has it transformed and grown since its early days?

We decided to open the Sanctuary Spa, due to the desire to bring health and wellness services, with a holistic approach, to downtown Fort Collins. There was a need for this industry in this geographic area and we are quite passionate about helping others achieve their health goals while offering healing, natural-based services.


What is your favorite service or product you offer?

Our favorite spa treatments are facials, diamond-tip microdermabrasion, and therapeutic (deep tissue) massage. Facials and microdermabrasion, provide a deep-cleanse and exfoliation for your skin. You leave your treatment feeling relaxed, with an instant skin glow. Meanwhile, a massage offers a full-body rejuvenation. Following a massage, you typically feel renewed and refreshed, as if you have just hit a ‘reset’ button for your entire body. The overall health benefits are plentiful.


What makes Sanctuary Spa stand out amongst other local spas?

Sanctuary spa is a beautiful boutique day spa nestled along a side street in the center of downtime Fort Collins. Our private, warm spa environment and outstanding, seasoned technicians allow our spa to shine. We are highly specialized in the services we offer, with our niche focusing on massage therapies and advanced skin care.


What upcoming products or offerings are you most eager to share?

We are most eager to share our newest form of massage therapy, originating in Florida, called Warm Bamboo Massage. All-natural bamboo is heated and blended into your massage for deep relaxation and therapeutic benefit. The hand-crafted bamboo sticks are designed to smooth and stretch muscle tissue while warming and dissolving knots, adhesions, and tension.


How did you first hear about Wishlist? And what have you enjoyed most about your partnership?

We first learned about the Wishlist program through online resources. We enjoy partnering with Wishlist and most enjoy being involved with their unique mission. We are delighted to partake in their innovative objective for serving as a gifting platform, providing the gift of memorable experiences to others.


What do you envision as the future of the spa? And how do you hope to continue to grow?

The Sanctuary Spa continues to rapidly grow due to the overwhelming amount of city support for exceptional small businesses within downtown Fort Collins. The spa will continue to serve as a staple for health and wellness in Old Town and we envision strengthening our partnerships within the community and with local businesses in the health and wellness industry to continue to evolve and improve our reach. We will soon expand our menu to offer a variety of holistic health classes at a neighboring facility.


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