Unique Graduation Gifts

To all the hardworking seniors out there, congratulations on nearing the end! Perhaps you still have finals to trudge though, some meetings with guidance counselors, or some grade-boosting work to complete, but take solace in the fact that soon you’ll be walking the hallowed halls of your alma mater. For all the parents of graduates, stress during this time of year comes in a different form: the perfect graduation gift. Your children have completed a long, and tremendous journey, and now is the perfect time to show them how proud you are. We know that there are a lot of ways to congratulate your graduates, but we’ve rounded up a few of our unique graduation gifts to help you out.

Something Personal

When aiming for a personal gift, be sure to pay attention to the graduate’s interests. If you’re buying for someone who is majoring in Architecture, a framed blueprint of a building he or she loves, or of a Frank Lloyd Wright sketching is a perfect gift. Other advice for giving personal gifts to the ones you love, is to take a look around their room. This is a good way to get a feeling for what they value. If they have a series of photos of them hiking, new hiking boots, or a trip to the mountains is a great gift. Take the time to really understand what they care about so you can offer the perfect gift.

Something Lasting

Perhaps you aren’t buying from the vantage point of a relative, and you’d like to buy a gift that is both meaningful and lasting. Small silver trinkets are a great gift for graduation. Picture frames, belt buckles, pens, business card holders, and key chains, can be easily engraved and give a personalized touch to any item. Sterling silver objects can start as low as $50, and are a great way to give the graduate something special, that they can use as they transition into adulthood. It will also give them a chance to throw away their glow in the dark, Daffy Duck key chain.

An Escape

A luxurious escape from the city is a great way to pamper your graduate after a grueling final few weeks. Book a long weekend at a hotel like the Sebastian Vail where they can walk around in plush bathrobes and sleep without the sound of their five roommates playing ping pong in the neighboring room. If you really want to treat your graduates to a perfect escape, plan an entire weekend of luxury with one of our Escape Wishlists with which they can read poolside or enjoy head-to-toe relaxation with a spa package.

Gift Cards Galore

It can be tempting to just give your graduate cash (and as a recent graduate I can say there’s really nothing wrong with that), but to add a more personal touch, gift cards are a great way to spread the wealth. If your graduate is moving, Yelp their new city so you can find the best restaurants near to their new home. Give them gift cards for ice cream, Whole Foods, coffee shops, and local hangouts, so they can explore their new town with your help.


Congratulations again to all the graduates!

Graduating is a huge accomplishment and is the perfect time to spoil someone you love. Hopefully our quick guide to buying unique graduation gifts as helped you. Let us know what you’re buying for your graduate by commenting below or on our facebook page. As always stay up to date with all Wishlist news by following us here and on any of the social media platforms.

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