Turning a U-Haul & Heartbreak into Happiness

Even though we hope for the best, sometimes experiences can just go really wrong. We held a Valentine’s Day contest asking folks to share their romantic mishaps. The winner won not only a Wishlist, but also a chance to create a new memory with a romantic getaway in Colorado. We received a wide array of entries that included puke, sick children, scorned lovers and even a stollen wallet. Some made us chuckle while a few tore at our heart strings. Three finalists were selected and on the eve of Valentine’s Day, a winner was chosen.  The winning entry was by Denver local, Kendra Anderson who as an advanced sommelier and the wine director of Pasta Vino, has made a career out of  creating memorable experiences.

Kendra’s Winning Story
kendra anderson april 2012Once upon a time, many years ago, in the city of Denver, I was dumped on Valentine’sDay.  Knowing that my apartment lease was set to expire on 2/15, my boyfriend had invited me to move in with him. I agreed, and joyously packed my belongings. My boyfriend had planned a brief trip to Minneapolis for the days just preceding Valentine’s Day. He kissed me goodbye and said he couldn’t wait to come back and have me move in. I didn’t hear from him at all during his trip (there were no cell phones back then). I felt a pang of worry. Knowing his plan to be back in town by 2/14 I began calling him frantically and driving by his (and what I believed would soon be my) house, all to no avail. Valentine’s Day fell on a thursday that year; my boyfriend — a DJ — always worked Thursdays. so I jumped in my U-Haul with my pet bunny Sydney in the passenger seat, and drove to the club where he spun. I marched into the DJ booth and demanded to know what was going on. Long, sordid story short: he’d not only changed his mind about my moving in, he was breaking up with me, too.

Postscript: Kendra is now in a great relationship with a new guy and they are thrilled to have a romantic trip on a Wishlist Getaway  

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