Top Five Boulder Companies to Work For

In honor of Boulder Startup Week, we thought that it would be fun to highlight some of Boulder’s truly exceptional startups and growing businesses that have contributed to the community for the better. Below we have listed our Top Five Boulder Companies to Work For, see if your company made the cut, and if not, perhaps seek an application for one of these truly spectacular companies. Also, we should note that two of the companies mentioned below, Gnip and SendGrid are participating in this year’s Boulder Startup Week, so be sure to pay a visit to any of their meetups and pow-wows.

Gnip, Inc.Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.44.15 PM

Known For: Gnip, Inc. is a social media API aggregation company. Gnip is more commonly known as the “Grand Central Station” of the social media realm, bringing together all your forms of social networking in an easy and convenient stream of information.

Awards: Gnip boasts a litany of prestigious awards, the most notable of which range from the 2011 Espirit Award, an award given to companies that excel in the fields of communication and administration, to the Innovation Quotient Award. Aside from the above awards Gnip has also been acknowledged as one of the best places to work by Boulder Chamber of Commerce and the Denver Business Journal (that’s the stuff we like to hear).

Company Perks: As many awards as Gnip has won, they seem to have an equal amount of perks for their employees. The list below has helped this company with both employee retention and morale (and probably gave them a leg up in the poll for the Best Boulder Companies). So here is what Gnip offers its very lucky employees (take a deep breath, this list is long):

-Free catered breakfasts


-A Kegerator

-A Gym Membership

-Office Ski Passes

-Stock Options

-401(K) Options


-Health Insurance (not always common at a startup)

-Open Tabs at Two Local Coffee Shops

-A “Take What You Need” Vacation Policy

SendGridScreen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.44.56 PM

Known For: SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that delivers email on the behalf of companies. SendGrid essentially ensures that your emails will no longer be lost within the twilight zone of spam and junk files.

Awards: This Boulder-based company has been lauded many times for its excellence in both quality of service and work environment. In 2013 it was recognized as a top place to work in The Denver Post and it was also awarded the Red Herring 100 award, given to exciting Startups around the world.

Company Perks: Similar to it’s counterparts, SendGrid offers its employees the benefits of a non-traditional work environment. Alongside the company’s laid-back atmosphere, SendGrid also gives each of its employees the unbelievable accommodations below:

-Competitive Health Insurance

-401(K) Match

-Stock Options

-Lots of Vacation Days

-Unlimited Sick Time

-Annual Company Mexico Trip (That one made us jealous too)

-No Dress Code

-Pingpong and Darts

-An Abundance of Food

Justin’s Nut ButterScreen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.45.44 PM

Known For: If you live in Boulder, you know what Justin’s is by now. In fact if you live anywhere on the West Coast, you probably know what Justin’s is, but just in case you don’t, Justin’s is a company that makes life-changing, utterly delectable nut butter and candy. Their inventory ranges from almond butter to hazelnut butter, often mixed with smooth whips of chocolate or vanilla and many more satisfying concoctions.

Awards: Justin’s Nut Butter has been rightfully awarded a large list of honors. Indeed the list is so long that the few that we can fit into this miniscule paragraph will have to suffice.  Just this year, Justin’s Nut Butter has received accolades from The Today Show, Clean Eating Magazine, Vanity Fair, Glamour Magazine, Shape Magazine and our beloved 5280 Magazine.

Company Perks: Aside from what they’re selling this company has other reasons why it’s just so gosh darn special. Below we’ve listed just a few of the numerous perks that Justin’s offers its employees:

-Competitive Health Care

-Dental Coverage

-Annual Wellness Benefit to Support Healthy Lifestyles


-2 Weeks Vacation (In Addition to Standard Company Holidays)

-Abundant Personal Supply of Delicious Nut Butters and Chocolate Candy!

-Fun Family Culture


-Dogs in The Office

Rally Software Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.46.19 PM

Known For: Rally Software offers cloud computing-based solutions for managing Agile software development. In layman’s terms… well if we’re being honest we genuinely have no idea what it is they do exactly. What we do know is that they are busy doing innovative things, sustaining a viable company and retaining happy employees, so in the end that’s really what matters.

Awards: Rally Software has seen their fair share of awards. They were recently ranked 8th on the Great Places to Work “Best Medium-Size Workplaces”, in a list published by Fortune Magazine. They were also ranked 24th in Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list. Finally, ColroadoBiz, has recognized Rally Software as a one of the best companies to work for in Colorado, for six (yes, six!) consecutive years.

Company Perks: So what makes Rally Software such a great place to work? Look at some of these employee perks, to get a taste of what Rally employees enjoy:

 -Flexible Schedules

-100% Covered Medical Plan

-Paid Sabbatical

-Stock Options

-Extra Holiday Vacation

-Gym Membership

-Community Bikes

-On-site Yoga Classes (and showers)

-Lunchtime Sports Groups

SparkFunScreen shot 2013-05-15 at 9.46.47 PM

Known For: SparkFun is an online retail store that sells all the missing bolts and brackets you need to make your electronic projects possible. This company may specialize in products, but its deeds don’t stop there. SparkFun also offers classes and online tutorials to help educate the vast public in the world of embedded electronics.

Awards: SparkFun is no stranger to praise. In fact, SparkFun was recently named as one of the top places to work in the Greater Denver Area, by the Denver Business Journal. Aside from that, Inc. Magazine praised the company for increasing the amount of jobs in the community as well as rebuilding the economy. SparkFun has also been recognized as one of Mercy 100’s fastest growing companies in Boulder and even gained a coveted position in Forbes Magazine when they were written about for their success as a non-traditional office place.

Company Perks: SparkFun is about as non-traditional as it gets, and its employees have publicly praised it as being a wonderful place to work. Here’s why SparkFun’s employees feel so lucky:

-Dogs Are Allowed

-Dress-How-You-Please Mantra

-Shoes Optional

-Laid Back Atmosphere

All of these companies provide a great quality of life for their employees, which is a big part of why we decided to headquarter our business in Boulder. If you work for one of these Boulder-based companies, or if you work for a company that you feel deserves a spot on our list, we’d love to hear from you!


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  3. Parallel Path

    Known For: Parallel Path is an Internet Marketing Agency. As opposed to traditional Internet marketing consulting firms that bet your budget on individual tactics, and prefer to keep their process a mystery, Parallel Path focuses on transparent, inclusive inbound marketing programs that support an overall brand strategy from outreach, to interaction, to results, to data-driven evolution.

    Awards: Parallel Path ranks as a top 25 fastest growing company according to the Boulder County Business Report. They were also listed on the Inc. 500|5000 as one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

    Company Perks: Parallel Path is a fun place to work. Here are a few reasons Parallel Path’s employees feel so lucky:
    -Business Casual
    -Awesome location on Pearl St.
    -Foosball Table
    -Snacks & breakfast always in the kitchen
    -Keurig, espresso maker and milk foamer
    -Free Catered Community Lunches every other week
    -Annual kickball tournament
    -Competitive Health, Dental & Vision Care
    -401K Match
    -Annual ski retreats & go-kart racing
    -Tequila, Peppermint Schnapps & hot chocolate in the medicine cabinet

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  5. Slice of Lime

    Known For:
    Slice of Lime focuses is a user experience design agency with offices in Boulder and Denver. For 13 years, they have focused on creating user-driven strategy and design that works towards their clients’ business goals. Slice of Lime works with a wide range of clients from startups to consumer brands to enterprises. Slice of Lime is also known for its support of the startup community in Boulder and Denver. This has taken the form of sponsoring Boulder Startup Week, Denver Startup Week, Venture Capital in the Rockies, Startup Weekend Denver, and TedXMileHigh, among others. Slice of Lime also has been mentoring, sponsoring, and holding workshops for TechStars since day 1.

    Slice of Lime doesn’t frequently apply for awards. The recognition they seek is to see their clients succeed as a result of the user experience Slice of Lime has created for them. This focus on client success has landed Slice of Lime on the Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Company List for the past 8 years.

    The team has an internal mantra, “Create Amazing Experiences.” This means creating great experience for the web and mobile apps they work on as well as the experience clients have working with them. Last, but certainly not least, Slice of Lime focuses on creating an unparalleled work experience for its employees. This has taken form in several ways:

    A wide range of health insurance options + 100% coverage for one of those options
    Generous vacation package
    Free parking passes
    Free Eco-pass for the bus
    Flexible schedule
    Two office options (Boulder / Denver)
    Open budget on Amazon for learning (books, magazines, etc.)
    Budget for conferences
    100% conference expenses paid for if someone gets a speaking engagement
    Amazing experience team events (for example, hanging in the Green Room at Conan, VIP Suite tickets to Avs, racing go-carts at 60MPH, and climbing 14ers together)
    Stocked kitchen

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