Top 5 Spring Activities To Do In Denver

Top 5 Spring Activities To Do In Denver

Daylight savings time has come and gone, and with it came longer days, warmer temperatures, and the undeniable feeling of spring. Flowers have begun to bloom, parks are swarmed with picnic-goers and joggers, and we have shed our winter garb. So in honor of our spring awakening we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 spring activities to do in Denver, keep reading below to see if your favorite activities made the cut.

Image Courtesy of Lucille's Creole Cafe
Image Courtesy of Lucille’s Creole Cafe


  1. Brunch

In the early days of spring the mornings remain much darker, and as we progress towards the summer solstice in the middle of June, the days get gradually longer. With darker mornings come slower wakeups, which is why March and April are perfect months to eschew breakfast for brunch.

Our Favorite Denver Brunches: Devil’s Food, Lucille’s Creole Cafe, Snooze, Little Annita’s

Photo Courtesy of The Market
Image Courtesy of The Market


  1. Coffee Shop Stops

Although we’ve had unseasonably warm weather recently, spring is typically a time for mild temperatures and partially cloudy days. So while it might not be warm enough for flip-flops and sunscreen, you can easily stay warm on neighborhood walks or breaks at the park with a cup of coffee from nearby.

Our favorite Denver Coffee Shops: Aviano, Devil’s Food, The Market

Image Courtesy of Sipping n' Painting
Image Courtesy of Sipping n’ Painting


  1. Late Night Adventures

Springtime brings with it lingering sunshine, so your day doesn’t have to end after work. This lighter season is a great time to turn off Netflix and fill your calendar with fun after-work activities.

Our Favorite Late Night Adventures: Sipping n’ Painting, Ceramics in the City, Brewery Tours

Image Courtesy of Linger
Image Courtesy of Linger
  1. Dinner Out

Again thanks to a little extra sunlight during the day, it feels like we have more time to do things after work. It’s always fun to grab a group of friends and find a new restaurant in town to try.

Our Favorite Denver Restaurants: Work and Class, Linger, Gozo, Cuba Cuba

Image Courtesy of The Denver Botanic Gardens
Image Courtesy of The Denver Botanic Gardens


  1. Getting Outside

Although spring typically remains fairly cool, the brisk weather and softer light make it almost impossible to stay indoors. While we always love walks around the park, or hikes up our favorite trails, spring is also the perfect time to get your spades and gloves out, and revive your garden. We recommend planting flowers in late April or early May. One of our favorite stops when envisioning our perfect garden is the Botanic Gardens Plant Sale, where you can buy what you need for the perfectly enviably flower display.

What spring activities will you stay busy with this season? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page. As always stay up to date with all Wishlist news by following us here and on any of the social media outlets.

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