The New Wishlist Lifestyle Blog

Over the past few months the Wishlist team has seen a lot of change. We’ve moved our office space from Boulder to Denver, launched our new website, expanded our offerings to California and even started a Fantasy Football League (yes, you read that right). As we settle into our new digs, and jumpstart our new experience offerings, we thought it was only appropriate to redesign our blog to better represent the new Wishlist.

So what is the new Wishlist? We’ve always been passionate about stories over stuff. About trading in unused belongings for helicopter rides or rock climbing lessons, and the new Wishlist Lifestyle Blog supports that idea. Instead of featuring both business-related and personal betterment posts, we’ve transitioned our attention to the latter. Here you will find guides to living authentically, with helpful tips like survival guides for the Colorado wilderness, first-hand accounts of Wishlist adventures, and everything in between. If you’re still interested in the business-related posts, be sure to come back later in the week for a link to our new Wishlist Rewards Blog, which will feature everything corporate leaders need to know to build better businesses.

Here, we will give you ideas about what to do this weekend, how to make the most of a fleeting season, how to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories. Most importantly, though, the goal of our new blog is to become more involved with you all! Share you stories, adventures, and experiences here by commenting below or on our facebook page. We’re always looking for inspiration on how to live happier, healthier, and fuller lives!

So on behalf of our newest change, we encourage you to experience more!

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