The Birthday Gift You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Photo Courtesy of Fair Winds Inc.
Photo Courtesy of Fair Winds Inc.

Picture for a moment, drifting lazily through a clear, blue sky in the basket of a brightly colored hot air balloon. In your hand rests a champagne flute and you smile wistfully as you peer across a breathtaking Colorado landscape, recognizing for the first time how truly magical flying is. If this scenario is something you are eager to replicate, your patience will certainly pay off. In a few short weeks we will be announcing the addition of our Adrenaline Wishlist, and this majestic scene will be yours for the taking.

Alongside Ultra Light Flyers and Helicopter Rides, which we tempted you with in one of our previous posts, you will also have the opportunity to fly through the Colorado sky in a Hot Air Balloon. With this experience you will not only receive champagne or sparkling cider, but also a deluxe breakfast and the experience of a lifetime.

Hot Air Ballooning will provide you with warm memories, an original experience and even the best birthday present you never thought of. If you have been struggling to find a gift for one of your friends who is a tad tricky to buy for, consider buying them a ride in a Hot Air Balloon. With any of our Adrenaline activities you can pull yourself or a friend away from reality for a day and take a trip through the Colorado skyline.

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