The Best (Secret) Denver Restaurants

Denver is saturated with a medley of historic landmarks from Larimer Square, where Jack Keourac was believed to jot down some of his most famed lines, to Union Station, which welcomed its first train in three years just weeks ago. Embedded in the midst of these great historic landmarks are quaint, local only, eateries, that to know about you must be a loyal, mountain loving, off-roading, dog boasting, Colorado local. It is only because we value you, our loyal followers, so much that we are willing to make you privy to the best (secret) Denver restaurants.

My Brother’s BarBest (Secret) Denver Restaurants

First on the list is none other than the über secret and uncommonly delicious My Brother’s Bar. This unmarked restaurant sits on the corner next to the REI flagship store (a historic building in its own right), right in the center of downtown Denver. You will recognize it only by the faint, melodic sounds of classical music and the scent of true American, all-beef burgers, wafting from the doorway. This local eatery is not open on Sundays and its small size and scenic balcony, make it a true destination spot for Colorado locals so be sure to get there early or prepare to wait, we promise it’s worth it.

Devil’s Food

Image courtesy of Devil's Food Bakery
Image courtesy of Devil’s Food Bakery

Nestled in the midst of a neighborhood just off University Boulevard, this restaurant is truly a hidden gem. Arguably one of the best brunch menus in the state, Devil’s Food has an option for everyone. Also notable about this Denver eatery, is the undeniable charm. With rustic wood tables, a plethora of dessert items on show, and only ten or so tables, this café is more than just coffee. If you’re stopping in for an espresso, or full-on dining, you’ll find an hour or so a Devil’s Food is exactly what you need to get through the week.



Saucy Noodle 

Photo Courtesy of The Saucy Noodle
Photo Courtesy of The Saucy Noodle

Just a stone’s throw from Devil’s Food is the beloved Denver favorite: The Saucy Noodle. As their awning aptly states, “if you don’t like garlic, go home”, this authentic Italian restaurant will serve up the best pasta you’ve tasted in a long time, with a hefty helping of garlicy goodness. This restaurant is about the size of a college dorm room, but their food definitely deserves patience. You can get in with a reservation or just try your hand at walking in.





The Cherry Cricket 

Photo Courtesy of The Cherry Cricket
Photo Courtesy of The Cherry Cricket

This neighborhood bar and restaurant, located in the center of Cherry Creek, has great food and unbeatable charm. Sink your teeth into a half-pound burger or munch on some of their renowned chili and fries. When Coloradan’s think of post-skiing food, they invariably think of the Cherry Cricket. With a stocked bar of local brews, and goodies like their Mash Puppies (fried mashed potato, bacon, cheese, jalapeños with ranch) it’s pretty hard to say no to. Like most of our favorite restaurants you should be prepared to wait in line for a table.

The Market at Larimer Square

Photo Courtesy of The Market
Photo Courtesy of The Market

The Market has about as much street appeal as it does food. This iconic restaurant and café is located in the center of Larimer Street and has a wide selection of daily specials and rotating options. With everything from tuna sandwiches to chocolate eclairs, The Market is sure to satisfy any food craving you may have. There are several small tables located within the restaurant and out on the patio where you can people watch and soak in some of the sweet Colorado sun.

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