Perfect Wedding Gifts For Every Kind of Couple

The constant rain may have put a damper on our summertime bliss, but warm weather is just around the corner, and with it comes wedding season. So for those of you who are rushing from wedding-to-wedding, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect wedding gifts for every kind of couple.

The Sporty Couple:

We have our fair share of outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado, and when they partner up they make one, glorious, sporty-super couple. For your friends who enjoy the outdoors, scaling rock faces, and wading through rivers we suggest a day trip to the mountains. Give them the gift of exploration with a guided rafting trip, a rock climbing adventure, a scenic trail ride, or even an aerial tour of Boulder.

The Worker-Bees:

Perhaps your friends are nine-to-fivers and need a break from the city. Give them a second honeymoon with a weekend escape to an idyllic Colorado mountain town. Whether they’re fans of rustic bed and breakfasts, or high-end amenities, our Charming Getaways and Premier Getaways have everything they would want. If you’re searching for a gift that offers them a weekend away, and a fully planned itinerary take a look at our Escape packages for a gift they will never forget.

The Low-key Couple:

If your friends’ perfect weekend consists of picnics at the park, strolls around the neighborhood, and hanging out at a local bar, take a peek at our Urban Living Wishlist. With offerings like brewery tours, painting classes, museum visits and more, you can give your friends a perfect weekend at home.

The Romantic Couple:

All couples are romantic in their own way, but for your friends’ who enjoy candle-lit dinners, walks in the rain, and bouquets of chocolate, a couple’s day at the spa is the perfect wedding gift. Spoil them with couples’ massages, facials, or even an afternoon at the spa with any of the selections from our Relaxation Wishlist.

The Thrill-seeking Couple:

We all have them: our crazy friends. Their perfect weekend consists of base diving, and wrestling bobcats (neither of which are encouraged by Wishlist, just FYI). Their wedding is on the open mouth of an active volcano, and their reception is by repel-line only. There’s only one gift for them and that’s our Adrenaline Wishlist. Give them the thrill of a lifetime with options like skydiving, race car driving, or flying.

Congratulations to all the happy couples! May you have a lifetime of adventure.

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Introducing ThrivePass

Introducing ThrivePass

A common question for the Wishlist workforce is what is it like to work at a startup? The truth is working at a startup is hard to describe, mostly because each day poses a new challenge or a new triumph. We’ve had a lot of success along the way, in a large part because of our willingness as a team to adapt to customer needs, and effective methods. When we first started out, Wishlist was even more of a startup than it is today. Over time, Wishlist has grown quite a bit, and while a lot of what we began with is still present in the company today, many aspects have morphed and grown drastically.

One such element is our Fitness Wishlist. We launched this package in Fall of 2013, and among the experience options were various fitness classes like yoga and pilates, as well as some weight loss programs and other wellness treatments. As Wishlist grew and we focused our attention on corporate customers, it became clear that companies were in the market for a customizable, flexible, and affordable wellness program. After that, we took to studying wellness programs and comparing what was and was not available. The facts were staggering: for every dollar a company spends on employee wellness they get back six dollars.

Once we realized the high demand for companies to not only offer, but track, wellness opportunities for their employees, we knew there was an untapped market in which we could thrive. It was during this time that we applied for Boomtown, a 12-week intensive startup accelerator session, in which 10 top startups were paired with a support team of seasoned investors, engineers, designers, and marketers to help get them to the next level. Although Wishlist was already on a clear trajectory, it became apparent that there was a real need for a continued and evolving form of corporate wellness programs, which brings us to ThrivePass.

With help from Boomtown mentors, what began as a small element of a bigger company has transformed into a business of its own. ThrivePass is the Nation’s first Wellness Saving’s Account and has introduced a wellness program employees will actually use. ThrivePass offers a range of wellness options from kickboxing to yoga and even smoking cessation. Activities range from corporate powerhouses like 24-hour fitness to your neighborhood CrossFit gyms. Our vendors are vetted and sprawling so no matter where employees live, their approach towards wellness, and how much their stipends are, they can find something that will work for them.

Companies can choose how much money each employee receives monthly or annually towards their wellness program, and employees can use that stipend at any of our wellness vendors. If an employee doesn’t utilize their wellness stipend, their employee gets that money back. ThrivePass is prioritizing employee wellness, and ensuring that all companies can provide wellness benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about ThrivePass contact our sister team at or visit us online at 

Thank you for your continued support in Wishlist and now ThrivePass, we’re excited for what the future holds!

My Christmas Wishlist Experience

My Christmas Wishlist Experience
say money can’t buy happiness. I don’t know who they are and sometimes I think they are full of it, because a pile of cash sure would make my life easier. However, if you had the choice between a nice cash bonus or an opportunity to go experience something that you would never indulge in for yourself, which option would you take?

I have been working for Wishlist for over a year and half and if there is one thing I know how to do, it is how to sell the value of an experience. You can not put a price tag on the thrill of a new adventure or buy the stamp that it leaves on your memory. Sure, an adventure Wishlist will cost you $99, but the place those moments hold in the story that is your life, truly, goes unrivaled.

As many of you know, Wishlist works with over 50 Colorado based companies to help reward their employees for hard work and dedication. Luckily, for those who work here, we reap the benefits and get to experience Wishlist first hand. This year for Christmas, my gift far exceeded my expectations. My oh-so-wonderful superiors gifted me with two suite tickets to an Avalanche game of my choice and a night at the Four Seasons Denver.



Anyone who knows me well knows that I love hockey, specifically the Colorado Avalanche. The fact that they knew this was perfect gift for me, well – brownie points, Wishlist. I jumped on the opportunity and used my gift on New Years Eve. What better way to spend the last night of 2014? The answer is, there wasn’t.




I attended the game in my new MacKinnon jersey with my best friend at my side. We made our way up to the club level of the Pepsi Center and entered our suite. Awaiting us was complimentary food and drinks. Score. The Avalanche played an awesome game, beating the Philadelphia Flyers in overtime. It doesn’t get much suiter than that!


Now, let’s talk about the Four Seasons for a second. That hotel is the definition of exquisite and certainly not a luxury I would treat myself to unless received as a gift. It was the cherry on top of an already perfect night. New Years Eve is a hectic night in the heart of the city, but the amenities they provide made for a seamless evening. Waking up to a beautiful view of Denver was certainly an ideal way to kick off 2015. Oh and did I mention you can find them on our Premier Getaways Wishlist?

Four Seasons

It’s safe to say this NYE was one for the books. An evening I will forever remember, cherish, and associate with an everlasting feeling of appreciation from my team at Wishlist. It’s been a big year for us. We’ve grown leaps and bounds, and have all invested so much time and energy into our success. While we work hard to promote how incomparable the gift of an experience is and how valuable showing appreciation to your staff can be, I’ve never believed it more.

To learn more about our Wishlist rewards program, visit us at, and to view more awesome activities available through Wishlist check out our packages at Why Wishlist? Because experiences are better than stuff.

When to Redeem Your Wishlist

With a farewell to the chaotic, sugar-spiked days of summer, we welcome fall—a time of renewed structure, lazy nights, and cozy sweaters. Autumn has a way of making the world slow down and offering up time you didn’t think you had, so you can relish in the changing leaves and crisp weather and time for yourself. In hopes of helping you enjoy our changing seasons we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Wishlists and when you should redeem them.

When To Redeem Your WishlistDetoxifying Massage: With less barbeques and pool parties, and more nights watching movies and binging on Halloween candy, fall is a perfect time to replenish your body and purge it of toxins. Redeem your Wishlist for any of our multiple massage options so you can reboot and recharge before the upcoming winter.

When To Redeem Your Wishlist: Although we’d be hard pressed to find a time of year when a massage wouldn’t be warmly welcomed we suggest redeeming this the first few weeks of the new year. Starting the New Year off calm and collected will carry through your entire year. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the year ahead with balancing and purifying massages.

When To Redeem Your WishlistFitness and Nutrition Training: During the summer it is easy to get carried away on tantalizing bar food and poolside snacks, but your body needs more sustenance than that and fall is a perfect time to whip out your cookbooks and start all over. Select one of our Fitness and Nutrition Training Wishlists so you can learn the science behind eating healthy and tips and tricks for how to adapt a healthy lifestyle of your own.

When To Redeem Your Wishlist: Although it would be easy to suggest redemption on January 1st, at Wishlist we have a theory that preemptive action is always better. It’s difficult to get out of bed on January 1st and go to the gym to run five miles— particularly if you celebrated the night before. If you begin your fitness and nutrition regimen early, say mid-October or November, you will be more than ready to conquer any New Year’s resolutions you may have.

When To Redeem Your WishlistWinter Activities: Despite the comfort of home, sipping hot tea before a crackling fire, sometimes the great outdoors beckons to us and sheets of white snow encourage us to explore. Our list of winter activities includes everything from snowshoeing to ice climbing. Peruse our complete list of winter activities and locations so you can find the Wishlist best suited to you.

When To Redeem Your Wishlist: There are so many options for winter activities that you by no means have to select simply one, or one time to go. Schedule various adventures throughout our snow-speckled winter to add a touch of adventure to your workweek.

When To Redeem Your WishlistCharming Getaways: We love the winter as much as any other Colorado born-and-bred, but we understand that sometimes the unceasing white glare of snow, and the cold, drenched boots you need to wade your way through in the city streets can wear on you. Sometimes the best way to enjoy a vast winter wonderland, is by retreating to the mountains where pine trees dusted in snow, and deer scurrying through an otherwise undisturbed landscape will replenish your love of the season.

When To Redeem Your Wishlist: Take a long weekend, perhaps Martin Luther King Day, to enjoy a charming getaway. Spend a long, lazy Sunday walking through snow-lined streets or drinking hot chocolate in a rustic lodge. Honestly there is no wrong time to take a weekend away, if you feel yourself stuck in a routine, or overly stressed, plan a weekend that you can enjoy and use to recharge.

When To Redeem Your WishlistPremier Getaways: Indulge in a high-end, incomparably luxurious weekend away with any of our Premier Getaways. Pamper yourself with world-class food, long soaks in a marbled tub, and nights out at the surrounding high-end restaurants and bars. This weekend away will leave you feeling spoiled and well rested for whatever the week ahead may hold.

When To Redeem Your Wishlist: Spoil yourself and your loved one with a idyllic and well-planned, Valentine’s Getaway. The best way to ensure you won’t be scrambling this year to find a dinner reservation or a bouquet of flowers is by planning ahead. Redeem your Wishlist today to ensure a perfect Valentine’s Day when it rolls along.

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