The Benefits of Trying New Things

It’s common to want to stay in your comfort zone and repeatedly follow the same routine. It’s not a difficult phenomenon to understand. When we know what to expect we get both contentment and ease, and who doesn’t like that?

What happens though, in that brief moment when we make the decision to take a leap at trying something new? In that moment, when we aspire to do something different, amazing things can happen.

We grow stronger and braver and we learn how to adapt to new circumstances more easily. This doesn’t mean you have to take the leap and move to a new unfamiliar country (although, that’s what I am about to do). Ease yourself into new experiences and try a new hobby. The fears that we harbor surrounding new experiences spawn from our insecurity of how it will all turn out.

Maybe you doubt your abilities, but fear is often the precursor to some of our best moments. Embrace your trepidations and use them as fuel to try more and to experience life.

The times I went whitewater rafting, piloted an airplane and tried acupuncture were thrilling to me. I skipped the usual hike along the Front Range to test my flexibility and endurance during a yoga class. I have an abundance of unique memories from these experiences and each has made me braver, stronger and more anxious to embark on new adventures. Breaking up the routine by exploring new places and undertaking a new activity can give you an immense taste of excitement and accomplishment.

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