Introducing ThrivePass

Introducing ThrivePass

A common question for the Wishlist workforce is what is it like to work at a startup? The truth is working at a startup is hard to describe, mostly because each day poses a new challenge or a new triumph. We’ve had a lot of success along the way, in a large part because of our willingness as a team to adapt to customer needs, and effective methods. When we first started out, Wishlist was even more of a startup than it is today. Over time, Wishlist has grown quite a bit, and while a lot of what we began with is still present in the company today, many aspects have morphed and grown drastically.

One such element is our Fitness Wishlist. We launched this package in Fall of 2013, and among the experience options were various fitness classes like yoga and pilates, as well as some weight loss programs and other wellness treatments. As Wishlist grew and we focused our attention on corporate customers, it became clear that companies were in the market for a customizable, flexible, and affordable wellness program. After that, we took to studying wellness programs and comparing what was and was not available. The facts were staggering: for every dollar a company spends on employee wellness they get back six dollars.

Once we realized the high demand for companies to not only offer, but track, wellness opportunities for their employees, we knew there was an untapped market in which we could thrive. It was during this time that we applied for Boomtown, a 12-week intensive startup accelerator session, in which 10 top startups were paired with a support team of seasoned investors, engineers, designers, and marketers to help get them to the next level. Although Wishlist was already on a clear trajectory, it became apparent that there was a real need for a continued and evolving form of corporate wellness programs, which brings us to ThrivePass.

With help from Boomtown mentors, what began as a small element of a bigger company has transformed into a business of its own. ThrivePass is the Nation’s first Wellness Saving’s Account and has introduced a wellness program employees will actually use. ThrivePass offers a range of wellness options from kickboxing to yoga and even smoking cessation. Activities range from corporate powerhouses like 24-hour fitness to your neighborhood CrossFit gyms. Our vendors are vetted and sprawling so no matter where employees live, their approach towards wellness, and how much their stipends are, they can find something that will work for them.

Companies can choose how much money each employee receives monthly or annually towards their wellness program, and employees can use that stipend at any of our wellness vendors. If an employee doesn’t utilize their wellness stipend, their employee gets that money back. ThrivePass is prioritizing employee wellness, and ensuring that all companies can provide wellness benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about ThrivePass contact our sister team at or visit us online at 

Thank you for your continued support in Wishlist and now ThrivePass, we’re excited for what the future holds!