Turning a U-Haul & Heartbreak into Happiness

Even though we hope for the best, sometimes experiences can just go really wrong. We held a Valentine’s Day contest asking folks to share their romantic mishaps. The winner won not only a Wishlist, but also a chance to create a new memory with a romantic getaway in Colorado. We received a wide array of entries that included puke, sick children, scorned lovers and even a stollen wallet. Some made us chuckle while a few tore at our heart strings. Three finalists were selected and on the eve of Valentine’s Day, a winner was chosen.  The winning entry was by Denver local, Kendra Anderson who as an advanced sommelier and the wine director of Pasta Vino, has made a career out of  creating memorable experiences.

Kendra’s Winning Story
kendra anderson april 2012Once upon a time, many years ago, in the city of Denver, I was dumped on Valentine’sDay.  Knowing that my apartment lease was set to expire on 2/15, my boyfriend had invited me to move in with him. I agreed, and joyously packed my belongings. My boyfriend had planned a brief trip to Minneapolis for the days just preceding Valentine’s Day. He kissed me goodbye and said he couldn’t wait to come back and have me move in. I didn’t hear from him at all during his trip (there were no cell phones back then). I felt a pang of worry. Knowing his plan to be back in town by 2/14 I began calling him frantically and driving by his (and what I believed would soon be my) house, all to no avail. Valentine’s Day fell on a thursday that year; my boyfriend — a DJ — always worked Thursdays. so I jumped in my U-Haul with my pet bunny Sydney in the passenger seat, and drove to the club where he spun. I marched into the DJ booth and demanded to know what was going on. Long, sordid story short: he’d not only changed his mind about my moving in, he was breaking up with me, too.

Postscript: Kendra is now in a great relationship with a new guy and they are thrilled to have a romantic trip on a Wishlist Getaway  

How To Transform a Romantic Mishap Into a Romantic Getaway

Wishlist is having a Valentine’s Day Contest for a chance to win a getaway. Just shareValentine's Wishlist your romantic mishap story and you might just be able to rewrite history with a romantic getaway in Colorado. To share the embarrassment I thought I’d share a story from my youth of a romantic mishap that left one person pretty scarred–maybe for life. Luckily it wasn’t me. 

A friend briefly introduced me to Joey at a Chi Chi’s. If you’re not from the midwest, let me translate. Chi Chi’s is a chain of restaurants featuring cheap mexican food and the kind of margaritas that leave you tipsy after just one. It was during the summer of my Junior year in college. He worked at Chi Chi’s as a bus boy. My friend who was a waitress there briefly introduced us. He later called her to ask for my phone number so that he could ask me out. We spoke on the phone for a few minutes but there was no date request. He then asked my friend for my address so that he could ask me out properly in person. I thought he coming over on a Tuesday but by Thursday there was no sight of him. When he called my friend late Thursday afternoon she asked him why he hadn’t asked me out.

“I did ask her out! I went to her house on Tuesday. She answered the door and I asked her out.”

Listening in, I indicated to my friend that no such thing had happened.

“C’mon. Tell the truth” my friend replied.

“I did ask her out but she said no!”

Puzzled with this news my friend quickly got off the phone and we sprang into analyzing the situation–the deep kind of conversation that girls often have about men’s behavior. Was he lying? Did he have the right address? If he asked someone out who was it?

Later that day I happened to mention it to my younger sister.

“What did he look like?”

After describing him I indicated that he was the guy who was supposed to ask me out.

“Oh! That guy did ask me out. I was wondering why he asked me out even though I had no idea who he was. He even asked me if I remembered him and I told him no. So I told him that I would not go out with him and that he should leave.”

I was stunned. I had my answer but it was perplexing. Although a year younger than me my
sister was taller, had a totally different body and short, brown hair to my long blonde hair. This guy was either blind or I didn’t seem important enough to him. Later that day my friend called his best friend to tell him what happened while I listened in. On the other end we heard the friend say to Joey, “Dude! You asked out the wrong girl!”

His response was as if he was hit by a fastball pitch to the stomach. I didn’t have the heart to confront him on it. He didn’t ask me out again. His mistake made for a good story and a laugh on my part since I never saw him as a soul mate though I’m sure he felt otherwise about the romantic mishap.