Valentine’s Day Activities For Two

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have gathered up our top five Valentine’s date ideas for your enjoyment. Read below to see how you can spend the big day with your special someone, be that your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or even your best friend. Show them you care by whisking them away on an activity for two.

Carriage Rides:Valentine's Day Activities

This inherently romantic experience, will tote you and your loved one around the town of Fort Collins. Cap your night off with desserts for two at the Melting Pot. This is a great way to end your night after a dinner at a charming restaurant. Be sure to visit our post about Fort Collins to see what else you can do in this idyllic mountain town.

Getaways:Valentine's Day Activities

For those of you looking to spend more than an evening wining and dining your significant other, consider a weekend away at any of Colorado’s heavenly mountain towns. Take a look at our collection of Explore Colorado posts to find out what you can do in most of Colorado’s unbeatable towns.


Wine Tasting:

For those of you looking for a more original way to spend your Valentine’s Day consider embarking on a wine tasting excursion. Have a lovely night sipping on an array of Colorado wines and appeasing your appetite with hors d’oeuvres and cheese plates. Spend this night with just the two of your or get another couple to tag along for a double date.

Massages:Valentine's Day Activities

For those of you hoping for a gift of your own, indulge in couples massage and relax while spending some quality time with your loved one. You will return from your Valentine’s Day bliss relaxed and ready for the remainder of February.

Performing Arts:

Photo Courtesy of the City of Louisville
Photo Courtesy of the City of Louisville


For a night out on the town consider spending some time at a local theater show. This is a great way to capstone your night, after a romantic dinner and a supremely chocolaty dessert of course.

From all of us at Wishlist have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Share your romantic plans by commenting below or on our facebook. To stay up to date with all Wishlist news sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for more upcoming posts about Valentine’s Day!

Exploring Colorado: Loveland

The air has grown bitter with the taste of preemptive nostalgia, as the last few days of summer drift away. If the gloomy weather and the impending arrival of fall have got you in a bit of a late-summer stress, you my dear friend need to unwind. In Colorado you have your pick of places to go to just get away from it all. You could go rock climbing, or try your hand at mountain biking in between summer thunderstorms. At Wishlist, though, we have found that one of the best ways to take it easy when fall is approaching too swiftly is to take the day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and just go fishing.

AD_NocoFlyfishingNow, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself by the side of slow flowing river, in Loveland, Colorado peering out towards an expansive landscape of rigid mountains and lush green trees. Fly-fishing is a relaxing outing that may be just what you need for a quick late summer vacation. In hopes of helping you get the most out of your fly-fishing excursion, we have compiled a list of things to do while you’re busy relaxing in Loveland.

Loveland, you may be surprised to hear, was not originally famous for skiing, but initially grew because of its proximity to one of the first northern railroads and because of the town’s production of both sour cherries and sugar beets. The city continued to grow to become one of the highest populated regions of Colorado- the reasoning being it’s wide variety of incomparable hikes and breathtaking views.

When in Loveland, aside from fishing, be sure to take advantage of where you are. The Devil’s Backbone Open Space, is an area of land that protects wildlife habitat, a rare plant community and provides for a range of recreational activities. Its main attraction is an unusual rock formation featuring The Keyhole- an archway made of rock. You will be treated to a lush landscape with Red-tailed hawks flitting above and grasslands embedded with wildflowers and towering rock formations.

Also during your time in Loveland, make an effort to visit the Benson Sculpture Garden. The Garden is an outdoor collection of over 130 pieces of sculpture on permanent display. The lands are perfectly manicured and are the perfect backdrop to a leisurely day outdoors.

Photo Courtesy of The Colorado Cherry Company
Photo Courtesy of The Colorado Cherry Company

Lastly, while in Loveland you have to try what originally made the town famous- sour cherries. The Colorado Cherry Company is a 4th generation family-owned and operated business that specializes in ciders, jams, syrups, condiments and… pie, specifically cherry pie. It would be a crime not to stop at this Loveland favorite and get a big piece, or maybe a whole cherry pie.

Loveland is a town brimming with activity and one that certainly warrants a visit. If you need help planning your own fishing trip, visit Wishlist to get started today. As always, we love to hear about your own Colorado adventures. Share them by commenting below or on our facebook, for a chance to have them appear on our blog! 

Exploring Colorado: Steamboat Springs

As summer sadly dwindles down, you can embrace the fleeting heat with a quick trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This southern city, most famous for its internationally recognized ski resort, has a myriad of outdoor activities for the adventurously inclined. Enjoy everything from paddle boarding to viewing the city from the comfort of an eight-passenger gondola car. No matter what capacity you experience Steamboat Springs in; it is sure to prove the perfect summer getaway.  To ensure your time in Steamboat is chock-full of thrilling adventures, check out our activity guide for how to fill your time.

Fishing: Flowing north through the city of Steamboat Springs is the Yampa River. The river has moderate to intermediate rapid action and sponsors a range of activities. Fishing, perhaps the most popular Yampa river activity, can be enjoyed by groups, families or even alone. A wonderful way to spend the day, and with a range of areas conducive to the perfect catch, fishing is a perfect way to spend a day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Steamboat Springs ActivitiesPaddleboarding: For the more daring, wet your feet by cruising the Yampa River on a paddleboard. Boardom Bound will teach you the basics of paddleboarding and, when you’re ready, set you loose on the Yampa River to enjoy a day in the sun and on the water. The lesson is all-inclusive and will teach you everything you need to know to become a pro paddleboarder. If you happen to find yourself in Steamboat Springs during the winter months, check out Boardom Bound’s winter alternative: air boarding. Certainly a new way to experience snow, air boarding is an adrenaline-inducing activity you will not want to miss.

Tubing: Tubing is yet another favorite Steamboat Springs’ activity. Flow downstream the Yampa river on an inflated tube, alongside your buddies with a cool drink in hand and you are guaranteed a wonderful afternoon. For those of you not quite ready to conquer paddleboarding, tubing is an easy way to enjoy the river and stay cool on scorching summer days.

Steamboat Springs Activities
Photo Courtesy of Steamboat Scenic Gondolas

Gondola Rides: For those of you hoping for an activity away from the water, you can experience an array of idyllic views from the comfort of a Mount Werner gondola. The gondolas can fit up to eight people and will carry you up the face of Mount Werner and drop you off midway up. From there you can either spend the day hiking the many trails around the mountain, or slide down via the Alpine Slide.

Steamboat Springs Activities
Photo Courtesy of Steamboat Alpine Slide

The Alpine Slide: The Alpine Slide is an unbeatable Steamboat Springs’ activity and is sure to appease your inner speedster. Travel down Mount Werner the right way, with this summer favorite. Essentially a giant slide, you can control your own speed and see scenic Steamboat Springs from a new perspective. This is a great way to end your Steamboat adventures and is sure to provide you with long-lasting memories.

We hope this helped sway some of you to begin your Steamboat Springs adventure today. Per usual, we are very interested in hearing about your Colorado endeavors. Share your stories and photos with us by commenting below or on our Facebook page. If you are interested in learning more about various Colorado towns, both big and small, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with all our latest posts.

Exploring Colorado: Lyons

Lyons, Colorado. Photo courtesy of the town of Lyons.
Lyons, Colorado. Photo courtesy of the town of Lyons.

Despite the recent drenching of snow in this lovely state of ours, spring is officially upon us. And with the harkening of spring comes warm weather, blossoming flowers and allergies to boot, not to mention the opportunity to visit some of Colorado’s coolest cities. So lighten up by shedding your winter garb and strap on your hiking boots, because Colorado in the springtime is something you’ve just got to see.

Our first springtime city is the Double Gateway to the Rockies, known to most as Lyons, Colorado. This tiny town is roughly an hour outside of Boulder but has just as much to offer as its well-regarded neighbor. If you’re interested in welcoming the spring by relaxing in Lyons take a look at Wishlist’s tips for visiting Lyons:

Where To Stay:

The first, and perhaps most important tip for planning your trip to Lyons is finding the perfect place to stay. Lucky for you, Wishlist has done all the heavy lifting and found the ideal spot to bring your vacation to life. Little Elk Meadows offers a rustic atmosphere that will make you feel right at home with all the luxuries you can only find on vacation. Enjoy their game room, outdoor hot tub, fire pit and home cooked breakfast each morning.

Where To Eat:

With a large breakfast in your belly it’s time for you to start your day of exploring. Now that

Photo Courtesy of Lyons Outdoor Market
Photo Courtesy of Lyons Outdoor Market

warm weather is approaching swiftly, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to the Lyons Outdoor Market. This seasonal farmer’s market offers everything from local food, produce, fine art, furniture and live music. Stop by the market in the morning and grab all the fixings for sandwiches and snacks that you can bring with you on your next adventure.

What To Do:

After stopping by the market load up on sunscreen so that you can enjoy that Colorado sunshine on one of the many hikes Lyons has to offer. A personal Wishlist favorite is The Sleepy Lion Trail. This hike is nearly five miles round trip, but suitable for any level of hiker. This scenic hike is certainly one of Colorado’s hidden gems. It is rarely crowded and offers an unbeatable view of the Ralph Price Reservoir with a backdrop of some jagged peaks.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed afternoon, pay a visit instead to Lyons’ Classic Pinball. Here you will find endless hours of fun and nostalgia. This classic arcade has seemingly every kind of pinball machine you could imagine ranging from antique to modern. After a day spent playing games, unwind at some of Lyons’ restaurants and get a taste of the local flavor.

If this mountain town sounds like your home away from home, start planning today…Wishlist will be happy to support you of course.