The Best Employee Gifts

As the holiday season nears, we thought we’d tell you why experiential gifts will always be the best employee gifts. Keep reading to see how you should say thanks to your employees this year!


By year-end, regardless of company size, thank you gifts can be a daunting task. What makes a company great is the variety of people that comprise it. From accounting wizards, to sales champs, to scurrying interns, none of your dedicated employees are the same. And while the diversity of employees is what makes a company great, it can make a one-gift-for-all approach impersonal. Wishlist helps you provide customizable, budgeted, and personal gifts to each of your employees with ease.


Why to Give a Wishlist


We know that for gifts bosses often simply reach for the checkbook, or pepper their employee’s desks with marble placards, and company wine cozies, but it turns out employees don’t want that. In truth money really can’t buy happiness, and employees have found that out. Articles like those written in Forbes or The Atlantic, show how our culture has transformed from one interested in material goods, into one more interested in experiences.


Our spending habits have shifted from fancy shoes, to hummer tours of Durango, or ceramic classes and four-course farm dinners. Experiences, in short, provide longer-lasting happiness than money. When giving an employee an experience as a gift you give them something “exciting to anticipate, and something sweet to remember.” It’s a gift that can never be returned, forgotten, or tainted. A doctoral candidate for The Atlantic, Amit Kumar, says experiences are unique in that even poor experiences like a vacation to Hawaii in which it rains every day, are almost always transformed in recollection into something good. It is a remarkable feature of the human mind to call upon past moments and experiences with an infallible sense of positivity. This year, truly offer your employees a happy holiday with the chance to create lasting positive memories.


How to Give a Wishlist


There are several ways you can give Wishlists to your employees this year. We’ve worked tirelessly since our formation to bring the very best experiences from across the state, ensuring that there is something for everyone and every budget. With fishing trips, spa days, beer tastings, dance classes, every employee will be able to choose their ideal activity making for the perfect employee gifts. Simply choose your price range for each employee, ranging from $99 – $999, and they get to pick any of the many activities in that price point. If you want to be able to give your employees a physical gift, just let us know and we’ll ship you gift cards to hand out.


Wishlist also provides perfect experiential gifts for saying thank you to your best clients or even gifts that can up-the-ante for a company raffle. We offer nearly 500 experiences for recipients to choose from, meaning that anyone who receives a Wishlist will feel the personal touch. Whether you want to encourage employee bonding this holiday, with group classes or experiences, or want to truly show your appreciation with mountain getaways, Wishlist will help ensure a happy corporate holiday with the employee gifts they really want.


For any questions on how your company can use Wishlist to brighten up the holidays feel free to email us at As always, stay up to date with all Wishlist news by following us here or on any of the social media networks.



Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with the people you love, great food, and long-held traditions. We hope you’re taking this holiday to reflect on the previous year, to look back on the many memories you’ve created, the experiences you’ve had, and the friendships you’ve built. Celebrate your friends and family this year with the promise of more adventures to come. Check out our list of last-minute Turkey Day gifts to see how the Wishlist crew is giving thanks this year.

Winter Adventure

Fall is slowly fading and as the winter months greet us in full-strength, it’s good to know there is still fun to be had in the snow. This Thanksgiving treat your friends or family members to an ice climbing adventure in the mountains. A guide will lead them through climbing techniques, safety tips, and everything else they need to know to summit.

Relax and Unwind

For those cooking, Thanksgiving can be stressful. Show them you appreciate their hard work with a day of rest and relaxation. Pamper them with a massage or facial on their day off. All of our offered spa treatments ensure a day of rejuvenation.

A Quick Getaway

If planning, cooking, decorating, and organizing for Thanksgiving has you burnt out, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a weekend vacation. Take off to a Colorado mountain town where you can stay in a rustic lodge, or a five-store resort.

Adventures Around Town

If your whole family is in town for the holiday a great way to spend your extra time together is by exploring the city. Gather the troops for a day of wine tasting, or touring a brewery. If you’re joined by a younger crowd try a painting class, or a day at an escape room.

How are you spending this Thanksgiving? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page. As always, stay up to date with all Wishlist news by following us here or on any of the social media networks.