Boulder Company Rally Software, Newly Acquired

It’s always exciting when one of our own makes it to the big leagues. On Wednesday, tech giant CA Technologies announced they would acquire Boulder startup, Rally Software. Rally, which offers a cloud-based Agile development platform, was founded in 2001 by CTO Ryan Martens.

Since then, the company has expanded to nearly 500 employees, over 250 of which are employed in Colorado. While the acquisition still has a long way to go, Martens spoke with The Denver Post, telling them he “anticipates that Rally employees will be needed in their current work locations, including [the] Boulder and Denver offices.”

After some early trials and tribulations, Rally overhauled their company culture and went public in 2013. Today, CA Technologies is purchasing Rally at $480 million, at roughly $20 per share.

While Rally is an anomaly, it points to Boulder as a hub of innovation. With a slew of startups in our small mountain town, Rally’s involvement with the Boulder entrepreneurial community helps highlight a shared knowledge, passion, and drive to make companies that matter.

Rally Software extends this effort to give back through their certification as a B Corporation. For certification, companies are ranked in five categories: Environment, Workers, Customers, Community, and Governance. In order to be eligible for certification, a company must acquire 80 points out of 200 as a combined total. In four out of the five categories, Rally Software currently ranks above the median score.

A B Corp. certification proves a commitment to its employees, community, and customers. Their continued dedication to using responsible materials, recourses, and energy make this company, at its core, a Boulder business.

Some of the company’s highlights include:

  • A 60% higher pay than the average living wage
  • An inclusive health insurance plan for workers and families
  • 80% employee satisfaction.
  • They favor local and sustainable supplies
  • They offer 20 hours paid time off for community service
  • They have donated over a million dollars to charitable causes.
  • They encourage their employees to find environmentally-friendly transportation and supply EcoPasses for public transportation to all employees.
  • 30% of their energy in their Colorado offices comes from renewable resources
  • Over 70% of waste is recycled and composted.

Congratulations to all of the hardworking employees of Rally Software. Onwards and upwards!

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