The Power of Green: How Houseplants Can Make You Healthier

If the grocery stores are any indication, a rush to find healthier, greener food is on the rise. As summer approaches, many of us are in the mood to shed some pounds along with our extra layers, but there are many factors that contribute to a healthier you. Recent studies have been conducted to actually quantify the power of nature and the results have shown that even something as miniscule as an extra houseplant in your bedroom or kitchen can increase your overall wellbeing dramatically. Below you’ll see just how being a little more green, can make you feel better.

Breathe Easier

It may be hard to believe, but the well-known fact that plants produce more oxygen can actually be used on a small scale, in your home. A small plant by your bedside or in your living room will help remove carbon dioxide, which can make you feel lethargic. Plants will also help boost oxygen production, helping to make you breath, quite literally, easier. Some of the best plants to boost your oxygen levels are orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads, that continue to release oxygen even after photosynthesis.

Purify Your Home—Purify You

Aside from producing oxygen, green plants actually help to remove toxins from the air. The technical term for these toxins are volatile organic compounds or VOCs, and they can be found in anything from rugs, to lingering cigarette smoke, to areas filled with books and printed materials. The plants absorb these toxins into their soil, and convert them into food, making your home toxin free.

Releasing Water

In a place like Colorado, where the air is so dry, one of the most noticeable benefits of household plants is their ability to add water to the air. Plants release nearly 97 percent of the water they take in, and with several plants in your home you should notice a level of humidity. Moisture in the air is good for your respiratory system, your skin, and immune system.

Sharpening the Mind

Plants, oddly enough, have been shown to have an increased effect on human attention spans. In a study completed in England, it was found that students showed a 70 percent greater attentiveness when they were taught in rooms with plants. Not to mention, that attendance was generally higher for classrooms with plants.

Improving Health

Overall green plants work in the above ways to improve our health, but they have also been shown to help conquer mental qualms. Studies have shown that plants added to hospital rooms speed recovery rates of surgical patients, ease anxiety, lower heart rates and blood pressure, and encourage an earlier release date from the hospital than those without plants in their rooms.

If we were to think back to our true natural habitat, it is no wonder that plants are an essential element to a healthy life. With the weather warming up, we hope you’re feeling inspired to add a few leafy friends to your home.  As always, stay up to date with Wishlist by following us on  FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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