Perfect Wedding Gifts For Every Kind of Couple

The constant rain may have put a damper on our summertime bliss, but warm weather is just around the corner, and with it comes wedding season. So for those of you who are rushing from wedding-to-wedding, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect wedding gifts for every kind of couple.

The Sporty Couple:

We have our fair share of outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado, and when they partner up they make one, glorious, sporty-super couple. For your friends who enjoy the outdoors, scaling rock faces, and wading through rivers we suggest a day trip to the mountains. Give them the gift of exploration with a guided rafting trip, a rock climbing adventure, a scenic trail ride, or even an aerial tour of Boulder.

The Worker-Bees:

Perhaps your friends are nine-to-fivers and need a break from the city. Give them a second honeymoon with a weekend escape to an idyllic Colorado mountain town. Whether they’re fans of rustic bed and breakfasts, or high-end amenities, our Charming Getaways and Premier Getaways have everything they would want. If you’re searching for a gift that offers them a weekend away, and a fully planned itinerary take a look at our Escape packages for a gift they will never forget.

The Low-key Couple:

If your friends’ perfect weekend consists of picnics at the park, strolls around the neighborhood, and hanging out at a local bar, take a peek at our Urban Living Wishlist. With offerings like brewery tours, painting classes, museum visits and more, you can give your friends a perfect weekend at home.

The Romantic Couple:

All couples are romantic in their own way, but for your friends’ who enjoy candle-lit dinners, walks in the rain, and bouquets of chocolate, a couple’s day at the spa is the perfect wedding gift. Spoil them with couples’ massages, facials, or even an afternoon at the spa with any of the selections from our Relaxation Wishlist.

The Thrill-seeking Couple:

We all have them: our crazy friends. Their perfect weekend consists of base diving, and wrestling bobcats (neither of which are encouraged by Wishlist, just FYI). Their wedding is on the open mouth of an active volcano, and their reception is by repel-line only. There’s only one gift for them and that’s our Adrenaline Wishlist. Give them the thrill of a lifetime with options like skydiving, race car driving, or flying.

Congratulations to all the happy couples! May you have a lifetime of adventure.

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