Long Distance Love: Making Valentine’s Day Special for a Local Soldier

Wishlist recently had the opportunity to help make Valentine’s Day just a little bit more special for a local soldier and his wife.  Even though it’s their anniversary, Guy Morgan and his wife Leah have rarely had the chance to celebrate it together due his frequent tours of duties in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were thrilled to provide them with a Wishlist getaway of their choice for a romantic rendezvous for the couple. Take a peek at this sweet couple as featured on Fox 31 Denver.

Wishing you a getaway experience that helps close the miles between you when you’re apart Guy and Leah.

Wishlist gifts getaway to local soldier and wife

How To Transform a Romantic Mishap Into a Romantic Getaway

Wishlist is having a Valentine’s Day Contest for a chance to win a getaway. Just shareValentine's Wishlist your romantic mishap story and you might just be able to rewrite history with a romantic getaway in Colorado. To share the embarrassment I thought I’d share a story from my youth of a romantic mishap that left one person pretty scarred–maybe for life. Luckily it wasn’t me. 

A friend briefly introduced me to Joey at a Chi Chi’s. If you’re not from the midwest, let me translate. Chi Chi’s is a chain of restaurants featuring cheap mexican food and the kind of margaritas that leave you tipsy after just one. It was during the summer of my Junior year in college. He worked at Chi Chi’s as a bus boy. My friend who was a waitress there briefly introduced us. He later called her to ask for my phone number so that he could ask me out. We spoke on the phone for a few minutes but there was no date request. He then asked my friend for my address so that he could ask me out properly in person. I thought he coming over on a Tuesday but by Thursday there was no sight of him. When he called my friend late Thursday afternoon she asked him why he hadn’t asked me out.

“I did ask her out! I went to her house on Tuesday. She answered the door and I asked her out.”

Listening in, I indicated to my friend that no such thing had happened.

“C’mon. Tell the truth” my friend replied.

“I did ask her out but she said no!”

Puzzled with this news my friend quickly got off the phone and we sprang into analyzing the situation–the deep kind of conversation that girls often have about men’s behavior. Was he lying? Did he have the right address? If he asked someone out who was it?

Later that day I happened to mention it to my younger sister.

“What did he look like?”

After describing him I indicated that he was the guy who was supposed to ask me out.

“Oh! That guy did ask me out. I was wondering why he asked me out even though I had no idea who he was. He even asked me if I remembered him and I told him no. So I told him that I would not go out with him and that he should leave.”

I was stunned. I had my answer but it was perplexing. Although a year younger than me my
sister was taller, had a totally different body and short, brown hair to my long blonde hair. This guy was either blind or I didn’t seem important enough to him. Later that day my friend called his best friend to tell him what happened while I listened in. On the other end we heard the friend say to Joey, “Dude! You asked out the wrong girl!”

His response was as if he was hit by a fastball pitch to the stomach. I didn’t have the heart to confront him on it. He didn’t ask me out again. His mistake made for a good story and a laugh on my part since I never saw him as a soul mate though I’m sure he felt otherwise about the romantic mishap.

My Favorite Gift Experience: Being in the Pilot’s Seat

By: Courtney Minson

Gift Giver: My boyfriend
Occasion: Christmas

I’d never seen a bird’s eye view of my town Boulder, Colorado. Given my keen sense of adventure, I love trying new things. I’ve always wanted to take off, pilot and then land an airplane but I never thought it would be a reality. Flight school? All those laborious hours needed to get a pilot’s license? All those requirements made flying an airplane seem like a dream that was a bit out of reach on my bucket list. And then I opened my Christmas present from my boyfriend. He didn’t buy me clothes, jewelry, or a movie. Instead, he gave me a 45 minute flight at the local airport to fly over Boulder. He gave me the perfect present that meant I could cross something off my bucket list before I was 80.

Eager to get up in the air behind the controls, I booked my flight as soon as I possibly could mere weeks after Christmas. I was lucky that on the appointed day Colorado was at it’s best with clear, sunny skies and beautiful views of the blue mountains covered with crisp white snow. The flying conditions were perfect. Upon arriving at the airport, the crew gave us an overview of the safety and operating rules of the plane. With rules and instructions in mind, my boyfriend hopped into the back seat, I took the front co-pilot seat, put my radio head set on and ran through the operational tests with pilot to assure the plane was fully functioning. Then, we taxied our way onto the runway.

As we lifted off into the air I was excited yet focused on the task ahead. At the controls I felt totally calm and relaxed. It was very natural. Seeing my city from the air was an incredible sight as I snuck glances of the panorama laid out in front of me. When it was time to land the pilot took the controls back and we glided away from the skies and back down to earth.  The flight was brief so I wanted to drink in every single moment, soaking it into my memory. I know this is one experience I’ll always remember.

I’m so lucky to have someone who understands that an experience will give you long lasting memories, and it will be one I will always treasure…especially since I was able to share it with him.

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We love giving gifts–especially those that create indelible memories. My Favorite Gift Experience is a new feature celebrating the stories of memorable experiences that were a result of a gift. We’re looking for stories from both people who gave a gift or those who received an experience as a gift. We’d love to share your story!

Getaway this Valentine’s Day

There’s something about a getaway taken with someone you’re close to that can create indelible memories and strengthen the bond even more. Luckily Colorado is filled with wonderful places to create a magical experience with that someone special. That’s why we created the Valentine’s Day Wishlist.  Every Valentine’s Getaway is a unique package that offers both a comfy place to lay your head and an extra treat such as a craft brew making experience or 4-wheeling in the summer. Here are a few of the great Getaways in Colorado that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, husband or even someone you want to get to know better.

Valentine's Wishlist

Enjoy a Getaway to the base of the stunning Rocky Mountains in Lyons at the Little Elk Meadows Lodge. This rustic bed and breakfast gives you ultimate comfort with a game room, outdoor hot tub and fire pit. The home cooked breakfast will give you the sustenance you need to enjoy the wealth of outdoor activities. When you’re ready for a snack in the afternoon the Colorado Cherry Company is right next door serving delicious pies and other treats.  Experiences at this location include: Winter/Spring: Tranquility/Angel Room and a wine or brewery tour or craft brew making. Summer/Fall: Tranquility/Angel Room/Ute Trail Room and a 4-wheeling package – Buffalo Mountain Suite and a concert night or a guided hike and picnic

Idaho Springs
Escape outside of Denver to Idaho Springs for a romantic getaway for two at the Brooklyn Mining Company in Idaho Springs. Relax in a queen suite with private sauna and shower. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast and dinner, complimentary cigars and wine, a movie theater and beautiful views of Colorado. This cozy bed and breakfast is also within close proximity to major ski resorts, hiking trails and casinos. It’s sure to be an unforgettable getaway!  This special experience involves one night stay with wine and gourmet dinner cooked by Eric Helmick, an accomplished chef who also teaches cooking classes at the lodge.

Experience beautiful Evergreen, Colorado with a romantic stay at the Bears Inn. The rustic and elegant decor, gorgeous views, and warm hospitality will instantly welcome you.  Enjoy a quiet start to the morning with the lovely ambiance of a candlelight gourmet breakfast. This comfortable bed and breakfast offers you a private bath, an outdoor hot tub, and beautiful Rocky Mountain views. Your Wishlist experience includes a one night stay in one of many individually decorated rooms with a bottle of wine or sparkling cider.

The perfect choice for an urban getaway, escape to the historic Thompson House Inn located in the west side neighborhood near downtown Longmont. Stay in one of five living quarters each with a private bath, antique décor, and modern amenities. Have some dressy duds in your closet that are begging to be worn? The exquisitely decorated team room provides the perfect opportunity. This experience includes one night stay with breakfast in bed.

Escape to the small mountain town of Carbondale and stay at the cozy Euclid House Bed and Breakfast. This mountain retreat uses health and wellness features in the house for a rejuvenating and environmentally friendly stay. Just minutes from Main Street and close to natural hot springs, this active town offers plenty of outdoor adventures in addition to beautiful surroundings. This experience includes 1 night stay in the master suite The Sanctuary with a bottle of wine or a 2 night stay in the guest room, the Cozy Alcove.

With Valentine’s Day less than 3 weeks away a Wishlist Valentine’s Getaway may just be the perfect way to celebrate. We can’t wait to hear about the fabulous experience you have!