The Top Wishlist Experiences

Over the past three years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of wonderful people. We’ve set up personalized experiences, arranged rafting trips, setup romantic escapes and getaways, we’ve helped with birthdays and anniversaries, retirement parties and graduation gifts. We’ve encouraged people to take the leap with our skydiving activities, or master something new with our art classes. We’ve helped people get outside and explore nature with rock climbing and bike riding classes. We’ve organized adventures into strange terrains with ice climbing courses, and forest ziplines. We’re in the business of experiences, and we’ve been honored to help you greet adventure with open arms. Take a look at what a few of our customers have said about their experiences with Wishlist:

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Wishlist Rewards | Wishlist on a Corporate Scale

Wishlist Rewards makes it possible for companies to offer personalized rewards to every employee. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a price point per employee or for the whole company. Wishlist Rewards works at any size and any budget.
  2. Employees can select from hundreds of experience offerings ranging from rafting trips, to spa days, mountain getaways and everything in between.
  3. For an even more personalized experience, Wishlist Rewards provides you with landing page customized with your companies logo and unique messaging.

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