Our Top Spontaneous Adventures

Our Top Spontaneous AdventuresIn the past we’ve mentioned several times, the scientifically proven benefits of buying experiences over things. Where buying things can cause stress and anxiety, or buyer’s remorse, simply planning experiences can make you feel more motivated, excited, and overall just happier. If you’re interested in what else we said, check out one, two, three, previous posts we wrote on the subject.

So while the benefits of buying experiences over things might not be news to us (as an experience-based gifting company), it’s news to a lot of people. Just last week Fast Company penned an article titled: “The Science of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things”, in which they discussed a lot of what makes our most memorable experiences so valuable. So, in honor of the recent attention being paid towards experiential gifts, we’ve rounded up our top spontaneous adventures so you can make this weekend a memorable one.

Horseback Riding

This weekend skip the city with a scenic horseback ride through Idaho Springs. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, while trying something new. If you’re looking to saddle up this spring, take a look at our Adventure Wishlist, which includes two horseback riding adventures.

Fly Fishing

Even though nice weather isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for fly fishing, it certainly makes for an even sweeter time. Whether you’re new to fishing or an old pro, an afternoon on the water is a great way to spend your weekend. For this last minute adventure, check out our Adventure Wishlist for our three-hour introduction to fly fishing course in Loveland.

Farm Fresh Food

With spring here at last, many cities are welcoming back their local farmer’s market. In Boulder, we’ve already seen the arrival of our favorite stands from dumplings to fresh tomatoes. So what better way to spend the weekend than by heading to the farmer’s market to pick up the ingredients for a gourmet meal? Plan your dinner based on the foods they have available, and enjoy a spontaneous evening trying new recipes and foods.

Art Crawl

Every first Friday of the month in the Santa Fe art district in Denver they have an art crawl. There you can see handcrafted works, and various knick-knacks made by Colorado locals. Or if you’re feeling extra spontaneous, head to the real Santa Fe district, in New Mexico where you can view one of a kind art in a row of galleries. The ride is just under six hours, but the scenery on the way up is breathtaking, and you’ll have an unforgettable weekend.


Colorado is known for a lot of things, but seemingly more so than any other state, Colorado knows how to throw a festival. Weather it’s music, barbeque, or even cryogenically frozen mascots (Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland) there’s a festival for everything. So when Saturday morning rolls around, keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming festivals as a fun, spontaneous way to enjoy the weekend.

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