My Favorite Experience: Colorado Getaway to The Garden of the Gods

Gift Giver: A good friend
Occasion: Just because

It was a sunny Colorado winter day. It was the kind of weather that wasn’t great for hitting the slopes but it was was perfect for a get away. A recent transplant from Chicago, I had only been in Colorado for a few months so I was avidly exploring the state every chance I got especially fun weekend getaways. I was hanging out with Peter who had moved here about a year before me and was more familiar with the state. . Since we couldn’t go riding I told him I was ready for adventure and that he should surprise me with a  Colorado getaway.

So, we hopped in the car and headed south on I-25. Since we were heading south, I figured we were going someplace tall like Pikes Peak. When we pulled of the highway before Pikes Peak I discovered where we were really going: the Garden of the Gods. Although I’d traveled throughout the country as a kid visiting many national parks and outdoor monuments, Garden of the Gods was a place that I’d never been.

Since I was a kid I’ve always been obsessed with rocks — particularly climbing on them. InGarden of the Gods college one Friday afternoon I went to a roommate’s 4pm geology lab with her so she didn’t have to  go alone. Even though I went because I felt bad for her — and she promised me a beer as a thank you — it was during this class that I discovered my love of geology and how rocks form. Given this, I parked myself in the visitor’s center for hours learning about the geological formations. While dinosaurs roamed the area 155 million years ago the formations now seen at the Garden of the Gods started to form about 65 million years ago. Apparently one of the surveyors who discovered these magical rock formations thought it would be a great place for a beer garden. However, the other surveyor thought it was more fit for the Gods and so it became known as it is today: the Garden of the Gods.  After Peter was finally able to peel me from the historical and geological documents, we strode through the sandstone, marveling at the shapes and beauty of these natural formations. A highlight of course was the kissing camels. The rocks were so inviting that I even tucked myself in-between some rocks for a quick shot.  Spending the afternoon among these beautiful rock formations was simply magical.

Although I’ve been here for four years now this remains one of my favorite experiences in Colorado. The next time I take a visit I will definitely take the time to do a rock climbing adventure at Garden of the Gods. I feel so lucky to live in Colorado, a state that offers so many unique experiences and fun weekend getaways.

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