Exploring Colorado: Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs, for all those Coloradans out there, represents a passageway to some of the best skiing in the state. This tiny town rests upstream from Golden and just a few miles west of Denver. While Idaho Springs may be the gateway to the mountains, it is certainly not something to pass by. In Idaho Springs you can find some memorable stores, hot springs to soothe your aching muscles and some world-class saltwater taffy. In fact, Idaho Springs has so much to offer that narrowing down this list of activities for you to do has been one of our hardest challenges yet.

Where to stay: 

If you’re daring, you may be able to do Idaho Springs in a day, but this town is booming with activities and restaurants and surely warrants a whole weekend. If you agree follow Wishlist’s advice and stay at the ideal place to ensure a perfect weekend getaway.

Idaho Springs Getaway
Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Mining Co.

Brooklyn Mining Co. Bed and Breakfast: This mountain escape offers a gourmet breakfast and dinner as well as complimentary cigars, wine and a movie theater. More than that though, (as if that weren’t alluring enough) this hidden B and B, offers its guests a private in-room sauna. Along with the surrounding scenic views, Brooklyn Mining Co. is in the perfect location; just a stones throw from some of Colorado’s best ski resorts, hiking trails and casinos.

What to do:

Like we said before, although small in size Idaho Springs has a big selection of fun activities. Some of Wishlist’s personal favorites include the following:

Idaho Springs Getaway
Photo Courtesy of Mt. Evans Trout Fishing

Fishing at Mt. Evans Trout Pond: Just minutes from Mount Evans this small pond rests in the heart of the mountains. The pond is stocked with Colorado Trout making it likely that you will be taking home some fresh fish. The Mt. Evans Trout Pond ensures a genuinely great time for any age and any skill level of fisher.

St. Mary’s Glacier: Surrounded by sprawling nature this expansive compacted snowfield, often referred to as a glacier, is one of the most unique sights you can find in Colorado. If you are willing to travel up the rather steep, but short hike to get to the base of the glacier you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the glacier and a dazzling cerulean lake. This scenic hike is a great way to add an element of adventure to your Idaho Springs getaway. 

What to eat:

If you didn’t end up catching anything at the Trout Pond there are plenty of local restaurants to feed your hungry belly. Here at Wishlist, though, all we’re really interested in is dessert. In Idaho Springs you better be prepared to break your diet because along the rows of boutiques and restaurants of this idyllic town stand several old fashioned candy shops.

Idaho Springs Getaway
Photo Courtesy of Georgetown Valley Candy Co.

Georgetown Valley Candy Company: If you’re like the staff at Wishlist what truly gets you smiling is the prospect of endless candy. At Georgetown Valley Candy Company you will find just that. With homemade ice cream, saltwater taffy, locally made chocolate and popcorn, it truly seems Georgetown Candy can do no wrong. Definitely don’t neglect to visit this shop during your stay in Idaho Springs.

Two Brothers Delicatessen: Reluctantly, we must admit that even we can’t live on candy alone (although we’d be willing to try), so for the part of our bodies that long for real food we suggest Two Brothers Delicatessen. This deli specializes in breakfast and lunch and offers an unending medley of sandwich choices on unique and homemade breads. You can get anything from a smoked salmon sandwich to a peanut butter and jelly. It’s the perfect restaurant for any traveler.

Enjoy an Idaho Springs getaway by following our traveler’s guide to the Colorado town.

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