How Living Higher Will Make You Healthier: The Truth About Living At Altitude

How Living Higher Will Make You HealthierThere are a myriad of reasons to move to Colorful Colorado. Namely, the 300 + days of sunshine each year, the endless mountain peaks to explore and the overall mentality of the people who comprise this majestic state. Aside from those reasons, though, Colorado can actually be making you healthier every day you stay here. These are the top five ways that living higher will make you healthier:

Fights Against Obesity

Time and time again studies have shown that those who live at high altitudes (much like our most scenic mountain towns) on average, weigh less than those who live at sea level. In fact it has been a commonly recognized truth since the early 1920s that high altitude does correlate with a lower body fat percentage. Fighting against obesity can help quell other health issues like diabetes, heart disease and lung issues.

Increases Longevity of Life

Results of a four-year study completed at the University of Colorado, suggest that those living at altitudes higher than 5,000 feet (Denver just barely makes the cutoff at 5,280 feet) have an increased lifespan compared to those living at lower altitudes. The study concluded that men and women lived on average 1-4 years longer than their sea level counterparts.

Helps Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke 

Researchers have found that in general people who live at high altitudes around the world have decreased incidents of most types of heart disease and stroke. Although the science behind this gets a little muddled, the connection between the two seems undeniable. Most credit the low oxygen level and the natural obesity repellent as the main sources for this phenomenon.

Higher Capacity for Exercise

As most know, higher altitude means less oxygen. The less oxygen in the air the harder our lungs and heart have to work to function on a day-to-day basis. Like any muscle, exercising your heart and lungs regularly (which the elevation does on its own) helps make them stronger. Your strengthened muscles will help increase your stamina and endurance when it comes to athletics.

More Active Lifestyle

Although this is not the case for some of the highest spots in the world (mainly treacherous mountain peaks like Everest), higher elevation often means a more active lifestyle. Higher altitudes often present the perfect landscape for outdoor activities like mountain biking and skiing. A more active lifestyle means a healthier lifestyle.

Honestly, living in Colorado doesn’t take much convincing. If you were on the fence about moving to the state though, or (reluctantly) moving away, hopefully this list helped to show you how living in Colorado is not only the greatest state, but is the greatest state for your health. Stay up to date with all Wishlist news by liking us on  FacebookTwitter, LinkedInInstagram and signing up for our newsletter.

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