Guest Post: Rezora Goes Ice Climbing

We take great pride in sending people on awesome experiences. Receiving great feedback from a Wishlist recipient is like Christmas Day around here. One of our corporate clients, Rezora, gifted their employees with the opportunity to try out a wide variety of our activities over the holidays.

Below we have featured a blog from the two employees who selected to go Ice Climbing this past weekend. As always, we want to hear about your experiences. Share them with us below in the comment section, or by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Colorado Ice Climbing
Photo Courtesy of Katie Gorkoski

First off, a huge THANKS to Wishlist for making this adventure possible!

This weekend Matt and myself took a short road trip about 2 hours southwest of Denver to Lake George to climb a giant wall of ice. The drive up to the wall was absolutely gorgeous. We weaved through a canyon that was coated perfectly in a white blanket of snow only to come out to fields of sunshine. We couldn’t have picked a better day!

The town we met our guide, Logan, in was a little, well, small. Logan wasn’t kidding when he said it was 5 buildings. However, one building was a café/pizzeria and had amazing chicken fingers and wings. We had to start the day off with some healthy fuel, right?

Upon seeing the wall both Matt and I were a bit skeptical. That’s it? After spending a little time gearing up and learning the basics as well as a few tips from Logan we tied in and were off. About 30 seconds into our first climbs, we realized the wall might have looked small, but would be a huge challenge.

We had a great time challenging ourselves and tackling the wall. It’s a completely counter-intuitive sport that requires an immense amount of trust in yourself and your gear. If you ever get the chance to make a trip and try it out go for it! It won’t disappoint.

By: Katie Gorkoski of Rezora

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