Five Reasons to Visit Evergreen, Colorado

When you hear the word Evergreen your mind may leap to the famous Barbara Streisand song and that really poignant scene from a Star is Born. But secret be known–Evergreen is more than just a song that united a rock-n-roll bad boy and a quiet, serious girl, in fact Evergreen is one of Colorado’s most noteworthy towns.

Located a brief 45 minutes outside of Denver, Evergreen straddles the edge of urban living and mountain life. This idyllic city conceals some small town gems including a local history museum, art galleries and endless boutiques. If you’ve decided to make the trip to this small town wonder and are looking for some fun activities to keep you busy, scroll down to see Wishlist’s Top Five Evergreen Activities.

1. Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Evergreen is known for its illustrious art scene. Often displayed throughout the streets of this small town the artwork ranges from painting to sculpture and more. Visit the Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden to get a sample of the wealth of artistic knowledge and gain some knowledge of your own.

Evergreen Lake House- photo courtesy of Evergreen Creation
Evergreen Lake House- photo courtesy of Evergreen Creation


2. Evergreen Lake

At the heart of Evergreen lies the Evergreen Lake. This natural wonder can provide you with year-round activities like ice-skating and ice fishing in the winter months and boating and fishing during the warmer months. It also provides its visitors with a nice stroll around a pristine scene.

3. Bergen Park

If you’re looking for a place to sit down, relax, enjoy good company and good food Bergen Park is the place for you. Located on the outskirts of Evergreen this park has everything from charcoal grills to horseshoe pits and even volley ball courts. This is the perfect place to take the family for a picnic and enjoy some quality time in the heart of the Colorado Mountains.

4. Hiwan Homestead Museum

The Hiwan Homestead Museum, sheltered in a 25-room log lodge encases the lively history of Jefferson County. The museum has alternating exhibits and Native American art on permanent display throughout its various rooms. It has both indoor and outdoor activities making it the perfect place for year-round entertainment. The museum also hosts various events including Movie nights and Outdoor Festivals so be sure to see what the museum is up to when you’re trolling around Evergreen.

5. Little Bear Saloon

This historic bar in the heart of downtown Evergreen takes the form of an Old West Saloon. Open seven days a week and featuring live music 6 days a week this bar can virtually guarantee a good time. Enjoy one of Colorado’s classic bars and experience an Old West Saloon like I was meant to be experienced.

Photo courtesy of the Little Bear
Photo courtesy of the Little Bear

If Evergreen sounds like an ideal vacation for you book a room at the Bears Inn and spend your vacation enjoying this vibrant mountain town.

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