Explore Colorado: Crested Butte (A Perfect Mother’s Day Getaway)

At last we have spied Spring’s coy head peering out over the snow banks that April ceaselessly poured upon us. With this refreshingly warm weather, and the prospect of summer in sight, it is important to keep in mind what truly matters. At Wishlist we like to believe that experiences are what matter most in life, and what are experiences without someone to share them with? Moments are meant for two, and what better a day to celebrate a bond between two, than mother’s day?

We have been counting down to this glorious day for exactly 26 days (we know this because of our handy countdown in the corner) and according to our countdown 26 days has gradually decreased to 3 days. If you just realized you have nothing planned for your mother, and if panic has momentarily set in, push it aside, because as always Wishlist has your back. First, take a look at some of our past blogs about Mother’s day activities, and see if something sparks your interest. If, though, you’re looking for something extra-special to share with your mom on her special day, look no further.

Crested Butte- Photo Courtesy of Crested Butte Gov.
Crested Butte- Photo Courtesy of Crested Butte Gov.

An Ideal Trip For Two:

If you have someone special to pamper on mother’s day, be that your mom, wife or perhaps even just a strong female leader in your life, a night away is the perfect gift. Give them more than a typical day with a quick trip to one of Colorado’s most idyllic towns. Crested Butte- often referred to as the “Last Great Colorado Ski Town” (which we know, is a cringe-worthy statement for any Coloradan to mutter), is the perfect place to spend the weekend.

Nordic Inn- Photo Courtesy of The Nordic Inn
Nordic Inn- Photo Courtesy of The Nordic Inn

This scenic town offers some of the best skiing in Colorado, but more than that, Crested Butte hosts a series of festivals, parades and fairs throughout the summer. The town is buzzing with activity and excitement and truly is one of a kind. Book a room at the Nordic Inn, which may literally have one of the most breath-taking views in all of Colorado and start your stay in Crested Butte the right way.

While You’re There:

To ensure you have a fun-filled weekend planned through-and-through, take a peek at this extensive site of Crested Butte To Do’s.

As we’ve said before (okay, many times before) we love to hear your stories and see your pictures from cool Colorado experiences you have undertaken. We encourage you to send in your photos and tales for a chance to have them posted right here on this very blog (we’ll even give you photo credit).

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