A Year to Wellness

Photo Courtesy of Moyer Total Wellness
Photo Courtesy of Moyer Total Wellness

At Wishlist we like to promote a healthy, and satisfying lifestyle. While we believe in eating quinoa and kale, we also believe there are moments in life that warrant cake or a juicy cheeseburger from one of our favorite local restaurants. A healthy and happy life is a balancing act—between work and play, between friends and family, and even healthy food and well… not so healthy food. We know it’s not always easy to discern when you should choose one choice over another, but we realized, as hopefully you will too, that you don’t have to make every choice on your own. When it comes to your health and wellness, Moyer Total Wellness can help you make tough calls like whether you should indulge in a 5280 Best Denver Massage or a Yoga class. With the help of Moyer, you can learn when to relax and when to work, and that balance will spread into every aspect of your life so a year to wellness will seem possible. We were lucky enough to catch up with Dr. Moyer of Moyer Total Wellness, and he answered some of our questions about his business and the Moyer way of life.

When did you first open Moyer Wellness, and what encouraged you to do so?

When I graduated chiropractic college in 2006, I knew that I was going to have a multidisciplinary practice, including massage therapy, nutrition and fitness.  I have been in this location since 2009.

How has the community responded to your business, has there been a steady increase in membership, do people always come back? Is it common for your clients to build Moyer into their regular day-to-day wellness program?

We have seen a very steady increase in membership, since 2011.  That is when we started our Year of Wellness program.  We have been built into our clients month-to-month wellness program primarily.  But, we are seeing more and more people use us for yoga, and that has many members coming in weekly now.

Is there anyone in particular who was able to transform his or her life thanks to Moyer?

There are two clients that come to mind.  We had a girl suffering from headaches.  She was a very healthy individual, but with debilitating headaches.  After about a month of treating her, with varied success, we had your take a food allergy blood test.  As it turned out, she was allergic to coffee.  She stopped drinking coffee and her headaches stopped.  She ended up moving out of state, but we still get Christmas cards from her, and referrals too!

We had a person trying to get into the police academy.  He was worried because he had a back injury a few years before and it left him with a limited range of motion of his lower back.  Part of the entrance exam was a sit and reach test that he could not pass.  After one muscle release treatment with myself, he gained 13 inches of motion.  And, by explaining what his priory injury had been, he was able to prevent the frequent re-occurrences of back pain he had been suffering from.

What are your most popular services?

Our Signature Massage is [our most popular service] in Denver.  We are locally known as the Best Massage in Denver, most recently winning the 5280 Editors Choice award for Top Massage in Denver.

How do you find your staff members, what qualifications does a staff member need to become part of the Moyer family?

Most of our current staff members have found us.  Many of our staff members refer people to us to work.  Many of our staff have searched for the best place to work, and have reached out to us.

What is your favorite service at Moyer?

My favorite service is getting a chiropractic adjustment followed by a 1.5 hour massage…it is about 2 hours of complete relaxation.

It can be tough to say no to potato chips and yes to carrot sticks, but you don’t have to struggle with your health and wellness alone. Moyer Total Wellness offers a myriad of services designed to help you become a more balanced person. Treat yourself to the best massage in town or gift it to a friend with the help of Wishlist. 

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